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Computer Editing

Hints & Tips

The introduction of digital cameras has opened up a whole new way of editing and developing photographs without needing a darkroom. A digital darkroom is any hardware, software and techniques that are used in digital photography that replace the traditional darkroom alternative. The digital darkroom offers the photographer more control over the imaging process than ever before with the promise of higher quality images and quicker and easier results.

A digital darkroom consists of your computer, digital camera and some photo-editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, and a desk! Unlike a traditional dark room the room does not have to be pitch black and chemicals are not needed, meaning a lot less space and time are needed. Some photographers may choose to have a digital photo printer as well; however this is optional as you may wish to send your images to a professional lab to achieve enhanced results.

When you purchase your digital camera it was more than likely provided with a graphics software CD to allow you to download images to your computer. This software normally provides basic facilities, such as storing your photos and general editing, however if you wish to do more complex editing then it would be beneficial to invest in additional software.

There are a number of advanced software packages available on the market today and it can be confusing deciding which one you should choose. Prices of the different packages can vary greatly and it would be wise to consider what you want to do with the software before buying anything. Some software packages offer free trials to customers or offer a preview tutorial to enable you to sample the program before you purchase. One of the more superior packages available is Adobe Photoshop and this will allow the user to do nearly everything, the programme works on a layer based approach. The image is broken down into layers and the user can work on each layer like a sheet of tracing paper which can make it easy to apply changes and modify even the smallest fragment.

With your photo software you will be able to do many different things to your images, such as touching up any flaws, brightening an area within the image or cropping the photo to centre on a specific subject. Your images can be changed however you would like to achieve your desired result, you control the whole process.