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Buying a Used Camera

Hints & Tips

The introduction of new and improved technology into the camera market on a regular basis has meant an increase in the market of second hand or used cameras. If you are not concerned about having the latest features on your camera then there are some good deals on second hand equipment that can be found.

When choosing a second hand camera you should inspect the camera thoroughly before purchasing, it is essential to look at the condition of the camera and check for any small scuffs and scratches, on the camera itself and also on the lens. When checking the condition ensure that all the buttons and controls work and that none of the terminals are damaged. If possible speak to the previous owner and ask how often the camera has been used and the general condition of the camera.

If you are looking for second hand equipment for sale then it would be preferable to choose one that comes with its original box and paperwork. If possible you should also try to get a copy of the original receipt to prove the equipments authenticity. If the camera you are buying has a serial number, ask for this before purchasing to check against a stolen equipment registry.

Purchasing a used camera can be risky as you may not be certain what you are getting and how the camera has been treated, therefore ask the seller if it would be possible to offer a money back trial. The trial will enable you to try out the camera for a few days and if you do find anything wrong then the camera can be returned for a refund. Also worth considering is when you do purchase any used equipment it is essential that you get a guarantee. Also, remember that if you are buying a second hand camera parts and accessories may be harder to get hold of. Research the possibility of needing these parts and consider whether or not it is worthwhile getting an older camera with no guarantee, against getting a new camera with one!