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Trailers and trolleys

Hints & Tips

Dependant on the type of boat you choose, you may need a trailer or a trolley. Having one or both of these will help you to manoeuvre your boat to and from the waters edge. The trailer will enable you to drive across the country with the boat on the back (obviously dependant on the boat size). The launching trolley will help you to safely guide the boat into the water.

For large motorboats and yachts, it is unlikely that a trailer or trolley will be suitable, however for a small rowing boat or speedboat the trailer and trolley will be more appropriate.

When moving a large boat it is possible to use a specialist boat removal company who will lift the boat out of a mooring and move to the new location for you. A bill for this can be expected to be around £700-£1,000, this therefore reiterates the fact that it is worthwhile spending time to find the right mooring for you.