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Safety during transit

Hints & Tips

Not everyone is lucky enough to live by the water, so transit to and from your required destination with your boat may be common practice. Whether you are experienced in towing or you are a beginner, you will need to ensure that you carefully check your equipment is safe before setting off.

There are also regulations which need to be adhered to whilst on the road, read on to find out how to keep safe and on the right side of the law and keep others safe whilst transporting your boat.

  • The car and trailer with which you will be towing your boat will be dependant upon the boat's weight and length. It is essential that your car is heavy enough to take the strain. Research into how heavy a load your towing vehicle can take.
  • Make sure that your hitch and hitch ball match so that your trailer is securely attached.
  • Use safety chains to attach the trailer to the towing vehicle to stop the trailer from flying loose if the hitch and hitch ball fail.
  • Ensure tyres are correctly blown up and that spare tyres are carried.
  • Check that your trailer lighting is set up and working correctly, especially the brakes lights.
  • Make sure that your registration plate is clearly visible. This is a legal requirement.
  • Ensure that you regularly maintain your trailer and watch out for any signs of rust or damage.