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Hints & Tips

Not only are boats an excellent way for you to get recreational time outdoors but they can also act as an excellent home.

If you are thinking about getting a canal or narrow boat as a houseboat, you need to carefully consider your purchase. Your new home needs to be structurally sound, so take the time and spend the money to get a complete survey done. This is something that you will not regret. The survey will pick up any problem areas on the boat, such as leakage or damp. Unfortunately, boats are like cars in that it is more than likely that the value will depreciate, rather than increase. The average canal boat costs in the region of £25,000 and can go up to a 6 figure sum. Houseboats are often made to order and can be decorated externally with intricate and personal designs. Take time to consider exactly what you want from your design so that amendments do not have to be made throughout the process which could cost extra money.

Financing your purchase must be given careful thought as the vast majority of boats are custom made. Make sure you get the right boat for you, even if this takes additional time in the research process. If you are purchasing a new boat that is made to order, consider insurance. It is possible to get 'boat in build' policies to cover for any problems or damage that may occur whilst the building process is in play. Your boat builder may already have insurance, however if money has been exchanged it is worthwhile finding out where you stand financially should something go wrong.

Your boat safety scheme is the equivalent to an MOT and needs to be conducted every 4 years. The scheme will check the following to ensure that your boat is safe:

  • Installations
  • Components
  • Check if the boat meets requirements for spread of fire
  • Check if the boat meets requirements for risk of fire
  • Check risk of explosions
  • Check risk of pollution
  • Electrics
  • Gas
  • Inboard/outboard engines
  • Appliances
  • Ventilation