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Mooring and storage

Hints & Tips

Dependant on the boat type chosen, where you live and where you intend to use your boat, mooring or storage must be taken into consideration. Mooring is the place in which your boat will reside whilst not in use.

It may be that you have sufficient land and resources available to enable you to store your boat at home or on private land, owned by friends or family. If not then you may have to store your boat in water (preferably in the area where you will choose to sail), again you may be lucky and have free access to a stretch of water where you can store your boat. However if you don't have access to a free place for mooring you will have to consider the alternatives.

Mooring your boat in water at a marina will more than likely mean that you are subject to an annual fee. This fee will vary from location to location and will be dependant upon the seasons you wish your boat to be moored, as well as the size of your boat. For a small sized boat you can expect to pay around £1,000 a year.