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Etiquette and regulations

Hints & Tips

Just as on the road, it is essential that the UK's coastal waters and inland waterways have a code of conduct for users. If you are on the water, you need to have respect for others around you and an appreciation for the damage that can be caused.

Read the following information on the regulations that should be abided whilst out and about:

  • Ensure that you stick to the speed limits that are put in place. The recommended speed limits are measured in kilometres per hour. Watch out for speed restriction signs as speeds will vary for inland waterways and coastal waters, as well as by region.
  • When passing other boats, make sure that you generally pass on the right. It may be that if you are in a canal that this is not possible, but as a rule of thumb always try to be courteous and go to the right.
  • Whilst coasting on inland waterways, it is always best to drive down the middle of the waterway; this causes the least disruption for the wildlife and reduces potential damage to your vessel.

If everyone takes care whilst they are on the water, accidents will be reduced and any damage to the environment will be kept to a minimum.