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Living With a Bird in the Home

Hints & Tips

What kind of bird do you want within the home? Do you want a social bird, a bird just to look at that is happy in its cage, a talking bird/parrot? All of this needs to be considered when taking on a bird within the home.

Birds, like humans have different personalities and display different behavioural aspects. Make sure that you research the potential temperament of your chosen bird, prior to purchasing.

Money Issues

Birds may be small, but they are not always cheap. The breed of bird chosen can bear a huge impact on the expenses associated with it. Costs to consider are:

  • Food
  • Bird Cage
  • Cleaning
  • Vet's Bills

Remember when purchasing that birds can outlive humans or be passed through generations, consider the ongoing costs.

Time Issues

Do you have time to participate in interaction, exercise, training, grooming your bird. All of which will need to be done to keep your bird in top health. Some birds need up to 2-3 hours of supervised flying out of their cage. Can you spare this time and do you have the room to do so whilst not upsetting neighbours? Although you may seek a bird as a pet, in reality they can be much harder to manage than initially thought. You do not want you bird to become a hindrance so always make sure that you choose the correct bird for your lifestyle!