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What bird is right for you?

Hints & Tips

When choosing a bird for the first time it is easy to get bamboozled. There are a great deals of options, please find below information on just three of the bird breeds available as domestic pets.


The Canary has been a domesticated bird for centuries and they are proven to be a wonderful bird to have within the home. They have exciting summer colours, are exciting and reasonably cheap to purchase. They come in a wide variety of colours, although the yellow canary is perhaps the most commonly seen and the colour that many people instantly associate with canaries. Although these birds cannot be held or petted like many parrot species, they are a rewarding and easy species to keep in captivity, they are beautiful birds to observe.

Quaker Parakeet

The Quaker parakeet is perfect for keeping within the home, they make excellent pets and take well to domesticated life. They are a small parakeet and are known to be ‘chatty’. This bird can pick up an expansive vocabulary This bird is very intelligent and you will need to regularly interact with them to keep them happy. If you are considering breeding your bird, the Quaker parakeet can be bred to produce wonderfully coloured babies.

Eclectus Parrot

These incredibly beautiful parrots make good pet birds and adapt well to domestic life, having an inquisitive and quite talkative nature. As a bird, they are fairly social animals and will require a great deal of interaction and stimulation to remain happy and healthy. This is not a good bird to have if you are not home on a regular basis. It is easy to distinguish between the male and the female as they have very different appearances. Over previous years, even experts recognised the males and females to be different breeds, as they were so different in how they looked. The parrot can live for up to 30 years.

A key consideration when choosing a bird is that they often have a very long life span. Particularly in the case of parrots. Whilst you may enjoy having a parrot for a few years, be aware that in some instances they can be passed though the generations.

What sized bird should I get?

As with any pet, often the bigger the bird, the bigger the task and maintenance at hand. Consider this when purchasing your bird. When starting out as a bird owner, it makes sense to start with a smaller bird and then progress onto a larger bird, as your skills develop. The bigger the bird may mean, more mess, more noise and more space required for exercise.