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Top 5 Bird Considerations

Hints & Tips

Birds cause noise: Birds can be much more vocal than initially expected, others are quiet as a mouse. Consider your family, neighbours, if you live in a flat? This will have an effect on the breed that you choose.

Mess: Birds are not always clean. They often waste their food and they like to be playful, throwing food around with their beaks or splashing in water. Think about where you will situate your bird and on what flooring it will be sat.

Socialisation: Birds are wild animals and are often much less domesticated than a dog or cat. Make sure that you have the time to constantly entertain an animal so that they remain tame and used to being held. This will help if you decide to introduce them to new adults or children in the future.

Diets: Birds do not simply eat seeds. Fresh fruit and vegetables are needed to maintain a balanced diet, as this is what the animals are used to in the wild. Fresh fruit and vegetables can stimulate a birds mind and help for a happier and healthier bird.

Destructive Nature: The beak on your bird will continue to grow larger and stronger. This must be worn down to prevent over growth. Birds need to chew in order to ensure that this happens. Therefore providing tasty chews will prevent them from chewing cages, furniture and any valuables. Ensure that you do not leave anything perishable or harmful in reach of your bird.