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Bird Nutrition

Hints & Tips

Regardless of the type bird you choose, diet is imperative to allow your bird to life a full, healthy and balanced life. So how can you ensure the best diet for your bird? The following section will take you through diet and nutrition for your bird.


This is a human made disease which fortunately is preventable through the balanced diet we can provide our bird with.

Unbalanced Diet

This form of diet causes illness, disease and even early death in pet birds.

Always be aware that, like humans, it is easier to start a healthy eating plan with a young bird as habits have already planted themselves with a more mature bird. However, if you need to put your bird on a diet, do this gradually so that it is no longer a shock to the bird.

The key thing to remember when purchasing a bird is that they have different dietary needs dependant on their breed. A birds diet will effect their droppings. Droppings can be used to identify diet and nutrition. The type and frequency of droppings will be effected by diet, which will in turn effect your cleaning regime.