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Senior Cat Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Pet Insurance FAQs sections.

I'm thinking of buying a more senior cat, are there any excluded breeds?

No, we currently will insure any breed of cat, regardless of age.

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If I choose not to vaccinate my senior cat am I able to arrange cover?

Yes, however unvaccinated senior cats will not be covered if they show signs of: Feline Infectious Enteritis, Feline Leukemia and Cat flu. If any illness preventable by routine vaccination occurs, this will be excluded from your policy (unless the vaccine failed).

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My senior cat needs dental treatment, is this covered under my policy?

If the treatment was relating to a condition and not routine, for cosmetic reasons or any tooth/gum related disease it would be covered by the policy.

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