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Sailboard Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Boat Insurance FAQs sections.

Am I covered overseas?

Yes. Cover is provided for up to 30 days per occasion, up to a maximum total in a year of 90 days while the insured sailboard is being used on inland or coastal waters of the continent of Europe.

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Are there any restrictions on height and length of the craft?

Yes your craft cannot exceed 30ft in length.

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Is my sailboard covered whilst in transit?

Yes along as it meets all the relevant security requirements.

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What is the excess on my sailboard policy?

A £75 excess applies to each and every claim except for total loss/constructive total loss claims. If claims are made under more than one section of cover, an excess will apply to each section of cover under which a claim is made.

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Will my sailboard be insured whilst attached to the roof of my vehicle?

The sailboard will be insured whilst securely attached to your vehicle during transit and whilst attended. However, you will not be covered if you leave the sailboard unattended and attached to your vehicle overnight.

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