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Overseas Wedding Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Wedding Insurance FAQs sections.

Are premiums higher for overseas weddings?

No, our premiums are exactly the same as for UK Weddings

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Do you offer cover for my wedding documents whilst travelling?

Yes, all wedding documents are covered within 7 days of departure to your wedding destination or whilst abroad for your wedding/honeymoon.

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Do you offer marquee cover at overseas venues?

Unfortunately our optional extension of marquee cover is only applicable to UK weddings. Please contact your venue to arrange cover.

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I'm having a reception back in the UK after my overseas wedding. Is this covered?

Yes, both events are covered under one policy as long as the ceremony & reception details have been specified on the policy.

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If my flight is delayed and effects my wedding will you pay out?

Yes, our overseas wedding insurance offers payment or compensation for costs incurred due to unavoidable and unexpected delayed travel.

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Is any cover available for ceremonial swords?

Not for overseas weddings, unfortunately this can only be taken out as an optional extension for UK Weddings.

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Is my wedding covered by my travel insurance?

Unfortunately wedding insurance and travel insurance are separate policies, you will still need to arrange travel insurance if you take out your wedding insurance policy with us.

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