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Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs section.

Do I need any specific security on my vehicle or where I keep my equipment?

Yes, full details are provided within the policy wording.

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Do you only cover UK residents?

Yes, cover is only available for residents of the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.

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I have previously made a claim, does this affect my cover?

If you have made a claim for loss or theft, unfortunately we are unable to offer cover if a claim has been made in the previous two years at the same risk address as to that which you are proposing cover.

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Is there an excess on the leisure policies?

Yes, there are excesses on certain sections of each scheme. Please view the policy information on each section to get specific information.

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What information do you need to start cover?

As well as asking you for your full contact details we require details of the risk address (where the equipment is stored) and a list of equipment (if applicable) valued at £50 and over including makes, models and values. We also need the serial numbers for those items over £1,000. We will allow you up to 21 days to provide these serial numbers. Slight variations apply on the required information, dependant on the scheme selected.

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What policies are covered under the leisure & lifestyle section?

E&L have a number of specialist schemes to suit any hobby or lifestyle activity. Such as; camping, photography, musical equipment, student, golf, fishing, cycle and travel.

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