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Golf Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance FAQs sections.

Are my golf clubs covered if stolen from outside the club house whilst I am having a drink inside?

No. All thefts must be as a result of the use of forcible entry into a building or vehicle housing the equipment. Keep an eye on your clubs!

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Do I have to be a member of a golf club to take out a policy?

Do I need golf insurance?

Your household insurance does not always cover your sports equipment such as golf clubs; therefore it is important to have cover in place. Should your clubs get stolen or damaged, insurance will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your game and maybe secure that 'hole in one'.

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Do I really need public liability insurance to play golf?

1998 saw a High Court ruling resulting in golfers being potentially liable for shots that cause injury. Whether you're an amateur or pro you could still accidentally cause an accident. Could you afford to be sued should you cause damage to third party property or injure an individual with a stray golf ball?

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Do you cover electric golf trolleys?

Yes, although the policy doesn’t cover the batteries.

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Do you cover the golfing equipment abroad?

Our standard Birdie policy includes 60 days worldwide cover as standard, Eagle provides 90 days and Albatross 120 days. This cover allows you to go on your golfing holiday with your clubs without worry.

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I drive a hatchback. Is my golf equipment covered in my vehicle?

Your golf equipment will be protected from theft from the hatchback whilst left unattended. The clubs must be totally concealed under the parcel shelf or internal cover supplied by the manufacturers, and the vehicle must be fully locked.

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Is there anything that you don't cover on the golf insurance policy?

We are unable to cover balls, tees and golf buggies.

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What information do you need to take out a golf insurance policy?

We require a full break down of all golf equipment including makes, models and values. That way, if you ever need to claim the process will be much simpler.

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