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General FAQs

These FAQs aim to answer general questions about our products and services, for product-specific FAQs you might find the information you require in that product's section.

Can I add or make changes to my policy at any time?

Yes. If you would like to make any changes to your policy, such as adding items, changing your address or changing your cover level, please contact our Customer Services Department. Please note that additions will incur additional costs.

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Can I request a copy of my policy documents and will there be a charge for this service?

You can request a copy of your policy documentation package at any time. These will be issued by post or by email depending on your preference. We do not charge for this service at present.

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Do I need to contact you after receipt of the policy renewal?

Your policy will automatically be renewed with us (subject to the receipt of premium) to ensure cover remains operable. Should you choose not to renew your policy with us please contact our Customer Service Department on 03300 243 360. Please ensure you notify us of any cancellation well in advance of the review date.

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How and when will I receive my policy renewal documents?

You will receive your policy review documentation package by post in good time for your review date. We appreciate this information is important and we aim to send these to you no later than 21 days prior to your policy review date. We recommend that you read your review package thoroughly to ensure that the cover meets your needs. Please retain the documents for your reference throughout the period of insurance.

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What are the advantages to paying premiums monthly by Direct Debit?

By paying monthly by Direct Debit your premium can be broken down into affordable payments. In addition, monthly policyholders benefit from:

  • Greater maximum recoverable benefit levels
  • Cancellation at any time without penalty
  • Automatic eligibility for 15% premium discount on additional E&L Insurance products
When your policy falls due for renewal cover will be automatically continued (unless you advise us otherwise prior to the review date) subject to receipt of the appropriate premium.

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What measures does E&L® Insurance take to prevent fraud?

Unfortunately a very small number of people provide false details in order to make up, or inflate claims. We take steps to identify these people and avoid paying such claims as they affect the cost of insurance premiums. There are a number of insurance industry databases through which we share information with other companies about claims and fraudsters. Doing so allows us to use the available technology to make many checks looking for unusual features and fraud. We also share some information about fraud with other companies within the financial services industry, the police and other bodies where the law allows us to do so. As fraud is a criminal offence, we forward details of any fraud committed to the police.

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When do I need to send payment for my renewal?

Your policy will automatically be renewed to prevent your cover from lapsing; if you pay by Direct Debit or credit card, the premium due will be collected to ensure we are in receipt of the same on the review date. If a third party pays for your policy please ensure they are aware that the renewal premium will be collected from their account/card. If your review date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday we will collect your premium in the previous working days. If you pay by cheque, you will need to send payment to us to ensure we receive it in time for the policy review date.

Please note you will also need to inform us if you wish us to collect the premium using an alternative payment method, account or card.

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Will I receive a multi policy discount?

If you have two or more policies with us you are entitled to a multi-policy discount. These are applied automatically at inception but you will need to contact our Customer Service Department on 03300 243 360 to apply for any discounts at your policy review.

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