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Horse Insurance from E&L

Online Discount

E&L® Horse Insurance plans offer comprehensive cheap horse insurance to cater for all your horse insurance needs.

A horse or pony can be a large financial investment and it's important to have insurance in place should anything happen.

Following the decision by the House of Lords in Mirvahedy -V- Henley (2003), you may be liable for any damage or injury caused by your horse, irrespective of whether your acts or omissions could be negligent. So, if your horse escaped from a well fenced field and causes a road traffic accident or kicks out at someone no matter how well it had previously behaved, you could find yourself faced with a claim for thousands of pounds in compensation.

Public liability cover is crucial to your equine insurance policy, protecting not only your horse, but you as well. E&L® offer up to £1.25m public liability cover.

With vet's fees up to a maximum of £5,750 per incident, personal accident up to £12,500 and cover for tack up to £1,750 plus many other benefits, we believe we have the right UK horse insurance cover for you. Why not take a look at the different options available and compare horse insurance cover to see which plan best suits your requirements.

  • Choice of cover level to suit most budgets
  • Vet fees cover up to £5,750 per incident
  • 30% introductory premium discount
  • An additional 5% discount for insuring more than one horse
  • Other benefits include saddlery and tack, public liability and personal accident cover
  • Providers of equine insurance for over 20 years

Our horse insurance offers four different levels of cover, leaving you to choose which plan would best suit you and your horse or pony's needs. Cover options include:

  • Essential – standard cover including public liability
  • Intermediate Value – vet's fees cover up to £2,000
  • Intermediate – vet's fees cover up to £5,750
  • Premier – includes loss of use cover

For more details on the different plans available please see our policy information section. If you have any further queries you may be able to find the answer in our Horse FAQ’s. We also provide helpful hints and tips on a wide range of horse-related topics including diet, grooming, saddlery and tack and travelling.

Horse Policy Information

  Monthly1 Yearly
Essential Death of Horse 100% sum insured or market value if less
Public Liability £1.25m £1m
Theft or Straying 100% sum insured or market value if less
Personal Accident £12,500 £10,000
same benefits as Essential plus
Dental Cover £1,250 £1,000
Stables Cover £1,250 £1,000
Vet's Fees £5,750 per incident * £5,250 per incident **
Saddlery and Tack £1,750 £500 single item limit £1,500 £500 single item limit
Hire of Horse £1,250 £25 limit per week £1,000 £25 limit per week
Intermediate Value
same benefits as Intermediate except
Vet's Fees £2,000 per incident or sum insured if less + £1,500 per incident or sum insured if less ++
same benefits as Intermediate plus
Loss of Use 100% sum insured or market value if less
Loss of Entry Fees £625 £500
Liability of Use £1.25m

* Maximum per incident upto £4,600, plus up to £1,150, vet recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment, ultrasound and remedial shoeing. No cover for illness/disease displaying clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

** Maximum per incident upto £4,250, plus up to £1,000, vet recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment, ultrasound and remedial shoeing. No cover for illness/disease displaying clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

+ Maximum per incident upto £1,250, plus up to £750, vet recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment, ultrasound and remedial shoeing. No cover for illness/disease displaying clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

++ Maximum per incident upto £1,000, plus up to £500, vet recommended acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, laser treatment, ultrasound and remedial shoeing. No cover for illness/disease displaying clinical signs within 14 days of policy inception.

Area Classification

  • Area A: All counties other than those shown in Area B
  • Area B: London, Berkshire, Essex, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey

Types of Use

We provide cover for different types of use. An additional premium is charged if Type of Use 2 is selected:

Type of Use 1 Type of Use 2
Hacking, gymkhanas, showing, driving, Pony and Riding Club events, breeding, show jumping, dressage, heavy horses and foals over 30 days. Type of Use 1 plus: hunting, hunter trials, novice one and three day events, polo, endurance and long distance riding, cross country, horse ball, polo-crosse, vaulting and Le Trec.


The excess is the amount you must pay towards a claim. Policy excess is £149 for all sections except Vet's Fees where it is 17.5% with a minimum of £149, tack 17.5% with a minimum of £160 and Public Liability £260. The excess if you live in Area B is 17.5% with a minimum of £155.

1. Lunar monthly policy (more information)

The following discounts are available on E&L® Horse Insurance:

  • 30% introductory discount
  • 5% multi horse discount

The total maximum discount per policy is 35%.

Introductory discounts provided only apply to new policies taken out online.

To be eligible for E&L® Horse Insurance the following conditions must be met:

  1. The policyholder is a UK resident aged over 18 years
  2. The insured horse must be older than 31 days and younger than 15 years old. (For horses and ponies aged 15 years and older please take a look at our Mature Horse Insurance policy.)

Please see the Horse Insurance Policy Wording for full eligibility criteria.

Policy Summary

The policy summary gives an overview of the benefits our horse insurance provides

Horse Insurance Policy Summary

Policy Wording

The policy wording outlines full details of our horse insurance terms and conditions.

Horse Insurance Policy Wording

To view the above PDFs Adobe Reader must be installed.

Register a Claim

Several of our claim forms are available to download online in PDF format. After completing the form you will be provided with a download link to your requested claim form which you can simply print out, fill in and either fax or post to us.

To complete the form please click here

View our Testimonials pages.

Equine Insurance FAQs

If the following FAQs don't answer your query please have a look at our General FAQs or our Leisure and Lifestyle Insurance FAQs sections.

  • Am I covered for competing in horse competitions?
  • Yes, the policy allows you to compete - ensure that you select the appropriate type of use when going through the quotation online.

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  • What age does my horse have to be in order to be covered by the horse insurance policy?
  • E&L's horse insurance policy covers all horses aged between 31 days and 15 years old.

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  • What am I insured for under my horse insurance policy?
  • This will depend on the benefits you choose when you take out your horse insurance cover as we offer a variety of plans. When you receive your policy please ensure you thoroughly read the policy schedule and policy wording to ensure the horse cover chosen meets your needs.

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  • What do I have to do if my horse is missing?
  • You must tell the police as soon as you discover your horse has been stolen or is missing and obtain a Crime Reference Number. Once this has been done the crime reference number and details need passing to E&L as the insurance company. You must do all possible to recover your horse.

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  • Why insure your horse?
  • Unfortunately accident can occur when you least expect it. Taking out horse insurance not only covers you for such eventualities, it will also protect you against the financial loss of theft and any public liability claims. By protecting yourself financially, you can reduce worry and enjoy riding and spending time with your horse or pony.

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  • Will the insurance company pay if my horse is ridden by someone else?
  • As long as you have given permission to the person riding the horse and they are aged between 5-75 years, cover will be provided.

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  • Will the insurance company want to see the body?
  • No. We will, however, require a post-mortem examination to be conducted to confirm the cause of death.

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  • Within what period must I claim?
  • We ask for claim forms to be returned to us within 90 days of the onset of the loss, or your renewal if sooner.

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Why get cheap horse insurance or pony insurance?

Anyone who owns a horse knows just how expensive it can be to care for these magnificent creatures. The investment that you put into purchasing the animal and buying food, as well as the costs of board, veterinary care and training can quickly add up. That's why getting cheap horse insurance or pony insurance is so important.

Those who spend time around horses will recognise how sensitive these animals are, and although they are usually gentle, it is all too easy for them to become frightened and cause property damage or personal injury.

The Animals Act 1971, along with a decision by the House of Lords in 2003, meant that for many years equine owners held full responsibility for the actions of their horse or pony, even if they were not around to witness it. While this accountability has been relaxed, public liability insurance is still highly recommended.

Here at E&L, we offer a variety of horse insurance and pony insurance to cover all aspects of equine ownership. We work hard to provide policies that match your specific requirements at an affordable price. So why not get a free online quote today?

The coverage provided by cheap horse insurance and pony insurance

Whether you enjoy dressage, jumping or trail riding, you have a lot to think about as a horse owner. But by choosing the right cheap horse insurance or pony insurance, you'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that you, your horse and your equipment are all covered.

Selecting the right policy will depend on your specific situation and the type of equestrian activities in which you participate. And with E&L's various coverage options, you can rest assured that you're getting a policy that closely matches your specific requirements, without having to pay for things you don't need.

Our standard equine policies have been created to help you with the most common issues that may arise. They include things such as public liability cover and veterinary treatment and there are four different levels for you to choose from.

If you have an older animal, our mature horse insurance is probably the best choice. This option takes into consideration the changing needs of older horses, covering vet's fees due to external visible injury, stables cover and public liability.

If you need to transport your animal, horse box or horse trailer insurance is also crucial and we offer both short and long-term policies.

And even if you don't own a horse or pony yourself, it may be beneficial for you to get horse rider insurance. This type of policy gives you financial protection in case your horse causes damage or injury whilst you're riding. It can also help you out if the animal gets injured while under your supervision.

E&L: the perfect choice for cheap horse insurance and pony insurance

At E&L, we have been providing niche insurance for more than 70 years. During that time, we've helped many happy customers get the coverage they need to ensure financial protection. We take great pride in offering a friendly and reliable service and high-quality policies.

To find out more about cheap horse insurance or pony insurance, our equine FAQs could be the perfect place to look. And be sure to keep up to date with the latest equine news.