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Zipping across the sea

A Japanese artist has been zipping across the sea in his new creation, a boat shaped to look like a zip.

Yasuhiro Suzuki designed the vessel in 2004 and many believed that the model would remain a prototype. That was until this week when the artist caused quite a stir when he took to the waters in a full sized version.

The boat leaves a trail of water behind that looks not dissimilar to the teeth on a zip fastening.

Describing his creation in the Daily mail, the artist said: “This work is a boat modelled after a zipper tab.

“As the vessel glides through the water, the wake looks like a zipper coming undone, suggesting the image of the sea opening up”

Not just a whacky idea Yasuhiro is hoping that his creation will become a fully fledged passenger vessel.

The boat is currently undergoing sea trials to access its ability to carry passengers. If it passes the tests the unusual creation will carry passengers between Takamatsu and Megijima in Japan.

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