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York's lampposts are in a poor state due to dogs spending a penny

Apparently dog’s urine is destroying York’s lampposts. City of York Council have conducted a survey looking at the city’s street lamps and found that many of the lampposts are very close to falling over and dog’s are being partly to blame. Apparently dog urine can cause corrosion at the base of both steel and concrete lampposts. Because of the recent cold snap, salt spreading is also to blame as this corrodes the lampposts also. Gardeners are also contributing to the poor state of the city’s lampposts as strimming near the lamppost base can destabilise it. 80 street lights are being replaced annually which costs York city council £1,000.

Andy Binner is the authority’s head of highway infrastructure said “The replacement of unsound columns continues to put huge pressure on the street lighting budgets and will continue to do so for a number of years.”

Ann Reid is the council’s executive member for neighbourhood services said, “they basically have a lifespan and each year some become unstable. We cannot afford to replace on spec, so we have to do the testing and replace them from a limited replacement budget as and when we can.”

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Source: www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/5063177, 16th March 2010

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