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World’s best ‘boatels’ revealed

Many people are interested in staying on a boat but without actually travelling across the seas. This has meant that boatels (a boat that has been transformed into a hotel) have become very popular.

CNN have put together a list of the five best boatels in the world. The first boatel is the 1907 Yankee Ferry in New York. This boat used to be an Ellis Island ferry, transporting many immigrants on the last leg of their journey to a new life. Now, the boat has been renovated and attracts visitors with its very trendy decoration.

The second boatel on the list is the Harlingen LifeBoat Hotel. This boatel is situated in the Netherlands and used to spend its life working for the British coastguard. The boat was used for this for around 25 years. It is said that the boat rescued 45 people in total from drowning over 105 rescue operations. A Dutch lifeboat enthusiast saved the boat from being scrapped by restoring it and chose to moor it at the Harlingen Harbour. The boat is very luxurious and restored beautifully, featuring a heart-shaped bed and a wooden bath that fits two people comfortably.

The third boatel is the Queen Mary. This boat was known as the grandest ocean liner in the world, and held this title for three years after the maiden voyage. In 1967 the Queen Mary reached California (Long Beach) where it now permanently stays. The boat has been astonishingly restored to its previous art-deco styling and boasts 314 original staterooms along with 9 suites.

The fourth boatel to feature on the list is the USS Silversides Submarine. This military vessel sunk 23 ships in its naval career which is ranked third for the most ships sank by a World War II submarine. Silversides was declassified in 1969 and is moored in Chicago, Illinois. This boatel is not as luxurious as the other boatels. It is used mostly by history classes who can stay overnight in the original bunk beds, of which there are 72 of. It really helps guests to get an idea of what it would have been like to be a member of the navy during a war.

The fifth and final boatel on the list is called A Room For London. This boatel only has one bedroom and offers only a one-night stay per guest. Its main attraction is the amazing view of London it has to offer. It is one of the best views and its panorama goes all the way from St Paul’s Cathedral to Big Ben. It is located on the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre. Many guests have said that the boatel is a ‘form of escape from the hustle and bustle of London life’. This is rare to find, especially so close to the heavy flow of traffic city-centre London is renowned for.

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