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World record half-ton marlin reeled in by angler

A mammoth 12-foot marlin weighing more than half a ton has been caught in Hawaiian waters by a five-ft nine-ins women, after a four-hour struggle.

The catch by 28-year-old Molly Palmer would have been a world-record if she had reeled it in by herself, but she decided to allow her crewmates to help pull in the massive catch – missing out on the chance of glory and tournament prize money.

"The question was only can I land the fish or not," stated Palmer. "I didn't come here to set world records. I didn't even really come here to win money. I came here to catch fish and that's just what we were there to do."

According to tournament organiser Jody Bright, the fish that weighed in at 1,022.5 pounds exceed the current record of 950 pounds for a woman using a 130-pound line. The blue marlin is found in the Atlantic Ocean and can reach 14 feet and weigh more than 1,986 pounds.

Those considering entering a tournament should look at fishing insurance to cover them in case of accidents.

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