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Winter wedding venues ‘need to be easily accessible’

Couples may be saved from having to claim on their wedding insurance if they book venues that can be easily accessed in winter.

Georgina Way, student liaison officer at the Wedding Planner School, described how nuptials can become stressful if heavy snow and ice leads to difficulties travelling to the ceremony.

Commenting on the best kind of reception venue, she suggested "[one that's] not up a mountain or down difficult country tracks".

"Preferably accommodation on site to minimise travel, driving at night and [the] stress levels of guests," Ms Way added.

She noted friends and family should be comfortable and their enjoyment is one of the most important aspects of a ceremony.

Therefore, Ms Way recommended finding a venue that has plenty of indoor photo opportunities so people do not have to pose outside in the cold.

Director of the Wedding Community Kim Herbing recently commented that red, white and silver reception decorations can provide a festive feel without appearing too Christmassy.

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