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Windsurfing tourism in El Salvador

It’s been a hard slog but finally El Salvdaor is shaking off its old reputation of guerillas, gansters and military insurgencies and is now rebuilding its image as a tourist friendly country thanks to its swelling wave of surf tourism.

Riding off the back of the tourist wave of neighbouring Central American countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua, El Salvador is experiencing a surge of coastal development due to all the international surfers looking for that perfect break.

El Salvador’s tourism minister Jose Napoleon Duarte says that

” Along with the cultural and mountain attractions we are betting on sun and sand as important elements to develop tourism. And on the beach, surfing is king.” Duarte refers to El Salvador as a country of’45 minutes as most destinations are a 40 minute drive from the airport.  One of El Salvador’s USPs is its close proximity to world class surfing hotpsots from the airport.

The only difficulty is that surfers who have visited the country are unwilling to share news of El Salvadors excellent surfing conditions as they don’t want to have to share the currently uncrowded beaches with the rest of the international surfing community.

Roxana Revolone, General Manager of the Playa el Tunco Surf resort said that, ‘ The waves bring the tourists. Without surfing, this would not be an international destination.’

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