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Wild horses introduced at Loch of Strathbeg reserve

A herd of rare Konik horses has been introduced to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserve at Loch of Strathbeg, equine insurance customers might be interested to learn.

Dominic Funnell, site manager, explained to BBC News that the beasts thrive on the “rank tussocky vegetation” that is abundant at the location.

“It’s great news for the geese, swans, ducks and wading birds, like lapwings and curlew, who need wetlands to feed and breed,” he asserted.

The expert said the horses would fulfil a valuable role at the reserve and enable staff to concentrate their efforts on other projects and jobs that need seeing to.

Koniks are descended from the Tarpan horse, which was native to the UK during prehistoric times.

People considering purchasing equine insurance for a Konik horse might be interested to learn that the creatures are usually dun coloured with a dorsal stripe and are known for their good temperament and strength.

Those who visit the RSPB reserve will be able to see the animals from afar, but efforts will be made to ensure they are not disturbed, according to Mr Funnell.

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