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Who Is Man’s Best Friend, Cat or Dog?

Who Is Man’s Best Friend, Cat or Dog?

The competition between cats and dogs has always provoked a passionate response amongst pet lovers. Some will say that a dog really is man’s best friend, while others think that a feline is the only thing with four legs that should be stepping inside your house.


Dog owners will say their pets are known for having unwavering loyalty and being incredibly friendly, while cats can’t show anywhere near as much affection. It’s likely that cat owners are unlikely to agree with this statement as some cats, Siamese in particular can be very affectionate.


Unlike cats, dogs can be taught tricks and can be trained to be more disciplined. Cat owners might argue that cats are just as capable of dogs; but because they are more independent they refuse to follow instructions.

The Internet

If the competition between cats and dogs was fought on the internet there would be no contest. Cats would win paws down, from the infamous keyboard cat to cats that look like Hitler (known as kitlers, apparently) to all the other popular cat memes and videos of cats; Dogs just can’t compare.

The Winner is…

To be honest it doesn’t really matter if you’ve got a dog or a cat you’ll know for yourself that you couldn’t ask for a better friend. Just remember that whether it’s cats or dogs that warm your heart you’ll want to reward their love by keeping them in good health and that’s why pet insurance for dogs and kitten insurance is absolutely vital.

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