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Where to Go on a Sightseeing Weekend

Part of the joy of travelling the world is not just discovering fantastic sights, but also the photographs you take to capture the moment to show friends and family back home. With the rate of the Euro constantly fluctuating, many of us are choosing to stay at home and enjoy the beautiful views England has to offer. Here at E&L Insurance we’ve suggested a few of England’s more picturesque holiday locations to make for that perfect photograph.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
Pack your hiking boots as the West Wales coast provides some truly stunning paths to walk along, providing great photo opportunities at every turn. From rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, the coast provides a beautiful array of landscapes. With films such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows using these beaches along the coast for filming it goes without saying that you’ll be sure to capture a little magic yourself.

The beautiful historical city of York is home to thousands of tourists each year. With historic landmarks like the York Minster and Clifford’s Tower, dating back to the 13th century you’ll be sure to enjoy the views. The famous street The Shambles is full of history and tourist shopping and features on the cover of many postcards of Yorkshire.

The Lake District
Poets like William Wordsworth derived huge inspiration from the natural beauty of The Lakes, and it’ll become instantly clear why with a weekend spent here. After climbing to the top of England’s highest mountain Scaffel Pike, make sure to take plenty of pictures to document your achievement.

It might be obvious, but there’s no doubt that the capital will keep your busy fingers clicking away all day long. Since everyone’s seen hundreds of pictures of Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, why not explore somewhere a little different such as St. Christopher’s Chapel on Great Ormond Street?

Don’t Ruin a Good Weekend without Insurance
Whether protecting yourselves from pickpockets or bad weather, you’ll want personal possession insurance to make sure your valuables stay safe. Companies like E&L Insurance offer specific photographers insurance for keen photographers, meaning that even if something should go wrong with your camera then there’s no reason to panic.

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