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Where in the world to wed?

Getting married abroad in an ice hotel or a on a tropical beach is becoming easier and easier with the help of international wedding planners and package wedding deals.  Why not combine your wedding and honeymoon and have all your special people with to share it all?

Here is list of wedding destinations:

Get married at sea
P &O cruises provide wedding co-ordinators and a ceremony provided by the captain. Destinations include the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean.

Icy Relations

Why not get married in Sweden’s legendary Ice hotel? The church is located in a village

In Lapland and created by a group of top designers and stylists.

A Greek Odyssey
Were you inspired by the film Mama Mia? Check out the luxury Lindian Village in Rhodes which is a boutique hotel laid out as a Greek Village with classical Aegean architecture. It also has its own beach

The Carribean
What could be a more perfect setting than the clear crystal waters and the white sands of the Carribbean? The New Sandals weddings offer brides and grooms six wedding themes to choose from.

Sri Lanka
How would you like to be greeted by an elephant at your wedding? In Sri Lanka this is a reality plus a performance by local dancers, a lagoon cruise and a beach wedding ceremony. What more could you ask for?

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