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What to Do if Your Caravan Floods

If you own a static caravan then you probably quiver at the very sight and sound of heavy rain. Unfortunately though, as our great British weather becomes even more extreme and unpredictable, this may be becoming an all too regular occurrence. Flood water can ruin a caravan, usually entering very quickly via the vent boards in the caravan floor, leaving owners with hefty bills to pay if they want to restore their caravan. Unless of course they have invested wisely in caravan insurance. You can get a quick caravan insurance comparison online, enabling you to get the best value insurance for your beloved holiday home.

Caravan Insurance Comparison
Losing your static caravan due to flooding can be a massive blow, especially if you use it regularly and have enjoyed spending some memorable holidays. However, if you have invested in caravan insurance, you will be covered and may even receive a replacement caravan. If you have new for old cover, you may even be eligible for a brand new caravan, so you can carry on enjoying your holidays in style. As soon as you become aware that your caravan has received flood damage, then contact your insurer who will help guide you through the next steps in the insurance process.

E&L Insurance
Many static caravan insurance compare sites will lead you to E&L Insurance, one of the leading insurance specialists in the UK. One of the reasons why so many people use E&L for comprehensive static caravan cover is that they are cheap! Insuring your caravan is important, but in this day and age, none of us can afford to spend a small fortune on insurance. E&L Insurance does it the easy way, providing you with caravan insurance comparison quotes in a flash.

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