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What car shall I use to tow?

It is important to choose your car wisely when it comes to towing your caravan. Make sure the car is compatible with the caravan’s weight and specifications and check with your car insurance that you are covered to tow a caravan. The usual choice for a car to tow a caravan is an estate car or a 4X4, but recent tests revealed that some convertibles are also suitable for towing. So why not spend your time caravanning in style?

Convertibles are not the obvious choice when you choose a car for towing but nowadays there are many soft tops that have been homologated for towing. Homologation is a process through which a car is tested and legal towing limits set and approved. It is thought that having no roof on a car compromises the strength of the structure, but to compensate for this, manufacturers actually strengthen and stiffen the car. Every model of the current range of Volkswagen Eos, for example, is homologated for towing with towing limits up to 1500kg. VW advised: ‘It is possible to tow with the roof up or down on the Eos – this factor won’t affect the vehicle’s towing ability.’

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