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Wedding speeches ‘should be personal’

Grooms looking for cheap wedding insurance as a distraction from writing their speech may be interested in one expert's tips.

Simon Bucknall, professional speaker and founder of theartofconnection.co.uk, described how the best way to impress family and friends is to "be authentic".

He suggested skipping jokes as these can feel forced and often "rarely work", as people see the punch line coming.

"[Use] something that's true for you and your bride … the best stuff is the stuff that's real," Mr Bucknall remarked.

When it comes to telling stories, grooms were advised to be "as specific as possible", as this helps to bring it to life for the audience.

Mr Bucknall explained no matter what the story is about, it is the detail that "makes it much more concrete".

Men were encouraged to think of their speech as a conversation with a friend and use simple language that reflects the sort used in everyday dialogue.

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