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Wedding insurance policies ‘help relieve stress’

Investing in wedding insurance can save stress and should be purchased no matter what time of year a ceremony is being held.

This is according to wedding sales manager at travelbee.co.uk Charlotte Marshall-Reynolds, who explained how all brides and grooms must have cover to protect their big day.

She commented that numerous things can go wrong and, as such, policies need to be comprehensive.

Incidents that could disrupt proceedings include "adverse weather causing cancellation or delays" and sickness or hospitalisation of the couple or family members.

"Whilst such events are thankfully rare, they could adversely impact a wedding, which is an important day that can cost a lot of money," Ms Marshall-Reynolds remarked.

By investing in a policy, couples can not only protect their nuptials, but also provide themselves with peace of mind.

Georgina Way, student liaison officer at The Wedding Planner School, recently remarked how insurance can prevent financial loss if suppliers pull out at the last minute.

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