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Want to take your pet abroad on the cheap?

Many pet owners would very much like to take their beloved pets abroad with them but the cost involved in taking your pet on a commercial flight can be high not to mention the stress the animal is put under by being caged in the hold of the aircraft for a number of hours but there is a solution.

A number of private jet flight have an ‘empty leg’ where they are going to or coming from a destination which has full paying passengers. These ‘empty leg’ flights are sold at heavily discounted prices and can cost from as little as £171 to Nice.

The benefit to pet owners is that smaller private jets do not have a restriction on taking animals in the cabin so your pet can stay with you for the duration of the flight.

The deals work best when bookings are made in small groups of maybe 6 to 9 people and are available from such companies as PrivateFly.

By travelling this way you also get the luxury treatment only afforded to actors and pop stars from special check in at a separate terminal to unlimited champagne once aboard. Just don’t get to like it too much.

For the very best for your pet, get a quote for competitive insurance from E&L on 03300 243 254 or arrange online at www.eandl.co.uk/pet .

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