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Walking ‘has numerous health benefits’

Walking enthusiasts who are looking to invest in camping insurance may be interested to hear one expert’s view on the importance of the pastime.

GP Dr William Bird, Natural England’s strategic health adviser, explained how going for a stroll can have significant benefit for a person’s health.

“Regular walking protects against heart disease and bowel cancer and halves the risk of breast cancer in older women,” he stated.

In addition, it can lower rates of type two diabetes, osteoporosis and strokes, it was suggested.

Dr Bird described how walking also boosts moods and can help to combat depression as the natural views have a calming effect on individuals.

However, in order to reap the rewards, people were advised to move briskly and attempt to travel at least two miles per day.

Getting a dog may be one way to increase fitness, after a recent study by Michigan State University found those who took their pet for a walk were 34 per cent more likely to complete the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

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