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Vicar stops wedding rehearsal to rescue his dog

Animal lover Rev Ian Blay from Knutsford in Cheshire had to bring a wedding rehearsal to a grinding halt, when his wife rushed down the aisle with their Terrier Izzy in her arms.

Withour hesitation, Ian took the dog into the vestry, scooped out the the lump of cheese and that was lodged in his throat and gave the pooch the kiss of life.

The Reverand’s wife Suzanne said,  ‘Ian’s intervention was incredible and saved Izzy’s life. Bizarrely his kiss of life happened just as the couple were about to rehearse the bit where the groom has to kiss the bride. It was a big relief and very emotional when she came back round again. When you look back at it, it is quite funny. To think she could have died from a piece of cheese. ‘

She later added, ‘I gave Izzy a cuddle after. I won’t be feeding her any cheese in the future’.

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