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Vet visits at home ‘may help dog insurance customers keep pets calm’

When canine owners have to claim on their dog insurance and visit the vet, those with highly strung animals might benefit from asking for a home visit.

Speaking to the Island Packet, pet owner Joyce Burgess revealed that her creatures became stressed when going for treatment.

“They were all rescue dogs and each with a lot of medical issues. It terrified them when they had to be treated and they all hated going to the vet,” she said.

However, she decided to opt for home visits from a “mobile pet vet” instead and now her dogs get along well with their medical practitioner.

Ms Burgess revealed that when one of her pooches neared the end of its life, having home care for the animal made it much easier.

According to the Daily Puppy, those who are claiming on pet insurance and going into a veterinary surgery with their pooch might be able to keep them calm by playing with the animal’s favourite toy and speaking quietly with them.

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