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Vampire Weekend Sued Over the Contra Album Photo

The band Vampire Weekend are being sued by the former fashion model Ann Kirsten Kennis for using a family photo of her without her permission for their second album entitled Contra.

The former claims that the photo was taken as a polaroid by her mother in 1983 and was either sold or donated to charity.

She only found out about the album cover when her daughter came home with a copy earlier this year.

Ms Kennis is currently suing the band, its record label XL Recording and the photographer who sold them the photo for $2 million.

Tod Brody insists that he took the photograph himself. “Ms Kennis’s claim that I didn’t take the photo is blatantly false. I took the photo in 1983. The photo was in my possession the entire time, for 26 years, until it was delivered to Vampire Weekend,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Sonya Kolowrat, a spokeswoman for XL Recordings, said: “Vampire Weekend and XL Recordings licensed the rights to use the photo on the cover of Contra pursuant to a license agreement that contains representations and warranties authorizing this use of the photo.”
When the band launched their second album, they gave an interview to MTV and were asked about the image, Exra Koening, the lead singer of the  band explained, “When we saw this image, we just found it very striking.”

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