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Vacations ‘good time to re-connect with loved ones’

Taking out camping insurance and heading on a mini-break could be one way for couples to re-connect.

Christine Webber, a psychotherapist speaking on behalf of travel company Kuoni, described how a holiday is the ideal time to re-establish relationships.

She explained how a break from chaotic day-to-day life can give people the opportunity to re-ignite romance and let go of their inhibitions.

Ms Webber said: “Holidays are the perfect chance to reconnect in that way and it is quite obvious that a lot of people see that as a chance to have more intimacy.”

Kuoni recently carried out research that revealed 75 per cent of individuals act out of character when they are away from their usual routine.

It was suggested that people “feel freed up” to be different when enjoying a vacation.

Ms Webber claimed that holidays allow workers to experiment with fantasies about a new lifestyle that they may dream about when they feel stressed at the office.

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