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Tyres and caravans

With summer on its way and May’s bank holidays coming up it’s a popular time for getting the caravan on the road and heading to a caravan site. One tyre company, Protyre has highlighted the importance of making sure your tyres are fit for the open road.

Long journeys add much pressure to cars and make then more susceptible to failures or even accidents.  One of the main hazards that drivers face are potholes, due to recent bad weather.  Protyre have estimated that 300 are discovered daily which ends of costing motorists and local councils thousands of pounds.

Simon Hiorns, Retail Director at Protyre, commented: “It’s easy to forget to check your tyres with all the distractions of an Easter getaway, but they are critical to the safety of your vehicle.”

Protyre have advised drivers to check their valve caps, which should be completely cleared of dirt. Tyres should be assessed to ensure their tread depth coincides with the legal requirement of 1.6mm.

Source: http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/news-and-events/news/leisure-news/2010/mar/check-tyres-before-heading-to-caravan-sites

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