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TV show features clairvoyant Dachsund

A new television show has featured a clairvoyant Dachsund called Vinnie Jones.

Owners Waldyr and Simeon might have taken out dog insurance to help them meet any vet bills incurred after the pooch was taken on a ghost hunt.

The psychic pooch featured on the show A Different Breed and over the course of the programme, he met up with a ghost expert and medium John Pope-de-Locksley.

In a bizarre twist, the ghost hunter claimed he could communicate directly with Vinnie.

The show, which is on Sky, will also feature a number of other dog lovers, including a woman called Janet who is on a matchmaking mission to find a partner for her Yorkshire terrier Lola.

Lucky Lola is even fitted with a wedding dress for the big day.

According to the Psychics & Mediums Network, professional TV psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker believes that many pets do have powers of this sort.

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