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Trio of canines join Cumbrian police force

Police in Cumbria may have taken out dog insurance for three of the latest additions to its numbers – Dash, Leo and Penny.

The canines completed their General Purpose Police Dog course and are now qualified to assist officers with searching for offenders and missing people, reports BBC News.

In addition to this, the creatures may also be utilised to help find lost or stolen items and work during public order incidents.

Chief Inspector Kevin Greenhow commented: “Not every dog is suitable for a working life with the police and every dog and handler must pass the general purpose training before they are handed their operational licence.”

With the impressive array of skills the animals have now acquired, insurance for dogs may be all the more important to help provide the creatures with high quality care in the event that they are taken ill.

Penny is a German Shepherd, Dash a Belgian Malinois and Leo a Belgian Malinois and Dutch Herder cross.

Other dogs used by police forces in the UK include Spaniels and Labradors, which are particularly adept at identifying scents such as drugs, cash, firearms and explosives.

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