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Trapped horse freed after barn collapse

The importance of taking out equine insurance may be highlighted to animal lovers by a recent incident involving a collapsed shed in the US.

A barn, located on Mile Hill Road in Tolland, collapsed under the weight of snow yesterday (February 9th) trapping a horse inside.

Although six other ponies managed to escape, the creature – named Goldie – was pinned under the structure.

Firefighters were sent out to the location and fire chief and public safety supervisor John Littell said the team was able to move the door and part of a wall connected to the roof.

“I don’t even know how they did it, but the next thing I knew, I hear over my shoulder, ‘Chief, the horse is out’,” he stated.

This is not the first time a fire crew has come to the rescue of an animal recently, as the Fairfield Township team had to save a cat that had been stuck up a tree for 18 hours.

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