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Torpedo caught in fishing vessel nets

The importance of investing inĀ boat insurance may have been highlighted by one fishing crew that accidentally caught a suspected torpedo in its nets.

Firth of Forth coastguard was contacted at 08:00 BST by members of the Sea Spray vessel after they discovered the potentially hazardous explosive.

The Royal Navy were then called in to help investigate the device and perform a controlled detonation.

It is understood that the crew were asked to tow the torpedo to deep water of Port Seton and then drop it on the sea bed.

The bomb disposal team then attended the scene and disarmed the relic, which is likely to have been abandoned in the waters during the second world war.

Such devices are often picked up by unsuspecting fishing vessels as they trawl for catch off the coast of Firth of the Forth, according to the Tayside and Fife Courier.

The news comes after a skipper was forced to abandon ship when his boat began sinking in the North Sea.

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