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Tories Encourage Marriage with Tax Breaks

If the conservatives win the election,  4 million married couples will be offered tax breaks worth up to £150 a year.

It would be funded on a levy on Britain’s banks designed to raise £1 billion. The remaining funds would be government debts. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Cameron said, “I want to send out a signal that commitment is good, that marriage is good and that strong families are at the heart of a strong society. We want to have a more responsible society and that means doing what we can to back families and back commitment.”

He went on to add, ” Actually, if you ask people, lots of people want to buy a home, get married, have children and provide a secure future. ”

In total the tax break – which David Cameron hopes will emulate the success of the labour party’s plan to reverse Labour’s National Insurance rise, would be worth up to £150 a year for low and middle-income families, the Tories claim.

This allowance would be tapered so that nobody earning more than £44,000 would benefit.

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Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8612610.stm

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