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Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Caravan’s Space

Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Caravan Space

When it comes to living in a caravan there’s a fine line between feeling nice and cozy, and feeling claustrophobic. Be sure to get the right balance and utilize the little space you do have. Don’t get us wrong – caravans are wonderful, but compared to a house they don’t always have a lot of room. So to get the most out of your holiday it’s important to maximize every little last bit of space in your caravan.

The Foldaway Solution

Obviously comfortable bedding arrangements are a must for any caravan worth spending time in. But, if you can’t fold them away or turn them into a seating area during the day they could be denying you valuable space. Gone are the days when a fold away bed meant a poor night’s sleep and back trouble. The state of the art products you can buy today entail that your caravan will truly feel like a home from home. It’s all very well having the best caravan insurance money can buy, but what if you’re not making it worthwhile by investing in something worth insuring.

Clutter Free

A messy home is never desirable, but in a small confined area getting rid of clutter is essential in making the most of your space. If your caravan is tidy and free of unnecessary bric-a-bac and everyday clutter, then it’s a place you’ll be able to breathe in, move in, and more importantly want to spend time in.


Drawers and shelves are precious commodities to anyone who spends a lot of time in a caravan, so use them wisely. It’s also a good idea to keep the caravan doors and windows open whenever possible to let the breeze and light in and give your caravan a feeling of openness, which will reduce any feelings of confinement that even the most hardcore caravanning enthusiast suffer from now and then.

A New Awning

An awning will double the size of your caravan’s living space and a lot of caravan owners swear by them. However, if you’re planning to make the most of your caravan’s space, please ensure it is fully insured beforehand, you can find some great online caravan insurance deals and the best caravan insurance for you by simply searching the internet.

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