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Top causes of winter caravan insurance claims – INFOGRAPHIC

Infographic header image

In case you were in any doubt about insuring your caravan, we’ve been crunching our stats looking at the claims made over winter and we think that they provide some food for thought.

As you can see in our infographic, accidental damage make the biggest portion of insurance claims at 61%. The accompanying stat, the average cost being over £1000, might raise more of an eyebrow when you see what most of the claims were for and what causes them…

… most common touring caravan accidents in winter

A huge 65% of the claims were for roof, window and panel damage (with the latter leading the pack), interior and content damage coming in behind at 28%. Of course, things inside a much less likely to get damaged when most caravans are in winter storage.

Most common causes of winter accidents

As for what causes this damage, it may not be a huge surprise to know that wind and storm damage wreaks the most havoc, but only just ahead of driving related claims. That said it is also possible that some driving related claims we caused by windy or stormy conditions.

What may be surprising is that, which write-offs only making up 6% of claims, the average cost of claims still remains quite high at £1067!

How about theft related claims?

With the majority of remaining claims being theft related, they still make up a significant proportion. What may surprise you is that only 25% of claims are for static caravans. But when you look into the type of theft they reason becomes clearer – thieves seem to prefer taking the whole lot (57% claims for caravan and contents) as supposed to break in or breaking parts off.

Storage sites safer than home?

The final bit of useful information is the fact that only 40% of these claims were made for caravans stored at storage sites – suggesting that this might provide a much safer method of storage.

Have a look at the infographic – and let us know if you have any other thoughts!

Winter claims infographic


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