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Tips on Picking A Good Horse Trailer

Why It’s Important To Pick A Good Horse Trailer

Horses can be particularly sensitive animals, susceptible to the noises and movements of those around them. Taking this into account, making sure they are comfortable and safely protected whilst being transported around is important to their wellbeing. It can be worthwhile getting a horse insurance quote to see if there are any extra costs implicated with travelling around.

Things to Look For When Buying Your Trailer  

Horse trailers come in a variety of different sizes and can depend on the weight and size of your horse. A single horse trailer is advisable for a foal or a mare and can be towed by an ordinary car without reliance on a 4X4. When looking to transport more than two horses in a multiple trailer, always check the weight restrictions. Multiple horse trailers may appear to accommodate more than two horses, but if their combined weight exceeds the trailer then it’s advisable to search for an alternate method.

Keep It Secure

Making sure that your trailer is secure and on the National Plant & Equipment Register can help track it down if it gets stolen. There are a wide range of security accessories available to help protect your trailer. Equipment such as wheel locks, hitch locks and even horse trailer alarms can all help in keeping your trailer safe from thieves.

Trailer Maintenance

To make sure your trailer is safe to travel and kept in condition, having annual maintenance checks will help to keep on top of this. Your own general maintenance as you would with a vehicle can also help so check the spare tyre and for punctures regularly. To avoid rotting in the trailer ensure no damp bedding is left inside and oil hinges and wires to prevent rust.

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