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Tips on Engagement Ring Shopping

Tips When Searching For an Engagement Ring

Having made the big decision to propose to your loved one, the last thing you want letting you down is a poor choice of ring. Your engagement ring should be worn with pride as you spread the news, so getting one you know your other half will admire is crucial.

Type of Ring

There are so many different types of rings available, from gemstone to solitaire, diamond to quartz. Diamond rings tend to be a popular choice for engagements, so making sure you get one that’s been well cut is important to its overall appearance. A badly cut diamond won’t refract the light and sparkle as intended. The most popular diamond cuts tend to be round cut or emerald but there are a variety of different ones so asking your jeweller to see a selection can help in giving you a wider scope of choice.

Where to Buy

Jewellers aren’t the only place you can buy your engagement ring from. Antique shops or auctions can also be a great way of hunting down that perfect ring. It can be a good idea to visit a few jewellers in preparation, to determine how much you should be prepared to pay. Buying your wedding ring online isn’t always a good idea especially if it contains a stone. Seeing the ring in person to check the quality of the stone or silver is always recommended.


Buying an engagement ring is a serious investment and so making sure you have engagement ring insurance is important in the event of loss or burglary is highly recommended.

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