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Tips on Caravan Maintenance

Tips on Caravan Maintenance

Caravans are made for the great outdoors and consequently they need a lot of cleaning and maintenance to ensure that once spring comes,they’re ready for the road. Below are a few helpful tips to advise you on what to look out for where maintaining your caravan.

Weather Damage

Cold air, dampness, and even air pollution can damage your caravan if it isn’t properly ventilated. So be advised to make sure the necessary requirements are in place and the internal and external fabric of your caravan is tailored for long-term storage. Even the best caravan insurance can refuse you cover if you haven’t taken adequate precautions to safeguard the well-being of your caravan.

Keep it Clean

Tree branches, leaves and bird droppings can all drop out of the sky and damage your caravan, so if you can, try storing it indoors. Before storing your caravan for the winter ensure it has a comprehensive body cleaning. If you detect any damage the winter is a perfect time to get it fixed. Make sure to always use specialist caravan cleaning agents and watch out for signs of green or black mould in particular. These conditions can cause havoc if left unchecked during the winter months.

Spin the Wheels

Tyres are not designed to stay still for long periods of time. If you can, turn your caravan’s wheels every six to eight weeks it will alleviate all the weight standing on the same piece of tread and help to see they don’t go flat.

The Interior

To prevent mildew build up keep your caravan’s fridge door ajar. Either remove cushions or place them in an upright position. Leave fixed beds in the open position and leave locker and wardrobe doors open as this assists air circulation.

Draining Down

Ensure all water is drained from the taps and shower head of your caravan, as just a tiny amount of trapped water can cause a lot of damage. If you have an internal water tank, remove or drain it completely. The same applies to your caravan’s waste tank.

Watch out for Gas

It can be so important when storing your caravan to ensure you close the gas valves on top of the cylinders and that the caps are put in place over any pipe work that remains open. Gas leaks into the air can be particularly dangerous and not always detected instantaneously.

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