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Tips for Your First Horse Riding Lesson

Tips for Your First Horse Riding Lesson

If you have never properly ridden a horse before, then your first riding lesson can be a little daunting.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with your chosen horse and develop a good form of communication. Animals can be particularly intuitive when it comes to picking up body language so allowing yourself to relax can help when it comes to building a good relationship with your animal.

What to Wear

On your first day it is likely you’ll be able to borrow or hire clothing from the stables. Buying all your clothing is only going to be worthwhile if you decide that you want to ride regularly and enjoy it as a hobby. If you don’t already own a pair, then try to wear tight fitting trousers that closely resemble jodhpurs, baggy or lose trousers will only rub and irritate your skin. When it comes to shoes, riding boots or comfortable boots with a slight heel are most suitable. It’s crucial that you wear shoes with a heel to prevent the stirrup from sliding back on to your leg. When it comes to protecting your head your instructor should be able to provide you with a good fitting helmet.

Get There Early

If you feel particularly nervous about your first lesson then arrive earlier than your allocated lesson. It is likely that your tutor will be training with other students and you will be able to observe how others are on the horse and what they are like as a tutor.

Consult the Safety Manual

Horse riding can be extremely dangerous if certain safety procedures aren’t followed. Read over your stable’s safety manual in detail and remember to always wear a helmet. It might also be worth checking your stable has rider insurance that covers you in the event of an accident.

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